The principles of the anti-desertification force of the Groasis Technology

The Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon® is an instrument that supports plants and trees to survive in difficult circumstances without using groundwater or electricity. It collects water by catching rainwater, and also by producing and catching water from condensation. It subsequently distributes the collected water over an extended period, to the tree growing in the center of the Waterboxx plantcocoon®. Furthermore, it stimulates the capillary formation of the soil; prevents the evaporation of groundwater; steadies the temperature around the roots; fights competitive weeds near the planted tree; and can even prevent damage by rodents. In this way, the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon® stimulates optimal growth of the young tree.

Look at the animation to better understand the working of the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon®. Or download the animation to see the working of the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon® on full screen and send it to a friend. 

Thanks to these qualities, the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon® can play an important role in the reforestation of burned/felled forests; in the collection of CO2; in mitigation of erosion; in anti-desertification programs; and in the production of food and wood.

Complete list of qualities:

  • When using the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon®, the tree is planted just below the surface of the soil, so that the capillary soil stays intact and is not destroyed by digging a deep planting hole.
  • In the middle of the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon®, there is a cylinder with an open bottom where a seed, seedling or small tree can be planted.
  • This plant can develop its roots under the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon®.
  • The Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon® produces artificial condensation.
  • It collects rain water.
  • It distributes this collected water to the plant in small quantities on a daily basis.
  • It stimulates the rise of capillary water to the surface of the soil under the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon®.
  • It prevents the evaporation of capillary water.
  • It prevents the development of weeds near the new plant.
  • It prevents the grazing by a number of smaller rodents such as hares and rabbits.
  • It prevents erosion of the soil around the plant.
  • It creates a perfect oxygen level in the soil. (see how a lack of oxygen has a negative influence on the growth of plants)
  • It prevents the surface of the soil around the plant from getting too hot, which prevents burning.
  • It stabilizes temperature in the root zone.
  • Because of the possibility of planting on the soil, it is also now possible to plant trees on rocks.
  • Traditional irrigation cannot be applied on mountain slopes where the Groasis Waterboxx plantcocoon® does work effectively.

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